Drake Type Beats

My Top 10 Drake Type Beats

If you’re looking to rap over or create dope records with Drake type beats, you’ve come to the right place…

Everyone knows Drake has been number one in mainstream hip hop for some time. No matter what city, state or country, Drake is a household name when it comes to hip hop.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of his “singing” style, but his rap lyrics are decent (even if he didn’t write them)… Yea I said it!

But Anyways…

I put together some of my all time foverite drake type beats from some fire ass producers. I’ll keep updating this post in the future as I come accross new Drake beats I like.

Now their a probably thousands of Drake style beats on Youtube so don’t hate on me for my picks for now.

1: Memories – Prod. Breezy Beats

I love the way he starts the beat off with smooth mellow chords that puts you in a relaxed state. There’s like some sort of a wacka-wacka drum sound or something in there that I like.

The bassline is dope, especially when the distortion kicks in momentarily. This beat has some really good breakdowns and the wa-wa guitar adds an old school touch to it.

If you’re looking for a laid back type beat, I would definitely go get this one and use it for your demo.

2. Gucci – Prod. Beatz Era

Beats Era did it with this one… I love the flute(ish) bell melody combination. I also like how the voice sample hits on the off beat right after the breakdown.

There’s like some faint drone like, alien type of sound in the background which I didn’t notice the first time I heard it.

The bass is also off the chain and if you have beats in your car, your neighbors are going to be pissed…lol… Best of all it’s FREE!

3. Risk Zone – Prod. Penacho Beats

This shit right here is pure FIREEEE!!! I had this track on repeat for about an hour. It gives me that old Tupac drum vibe. I like how it breaks down with the off piano solo every now and then. The out of tune piano really sets this beat apart from others and makes it very unique.

4. Paradise – Prod. Vibe Beatz

This producer has mad skills! He did a really good job sliding the sub bass. There’s a weird glitch sound that’s almost like a pattern interruption but it fits perfectly.

The guitar on this track really puts you in a trance like state and makes you think about life. This is definitely one of my favorite Drake type beats.

5. Going In –  Accent Beats

Yes Sirrr!!! I really, really like the staccato string sound and chord formation. I like that fact that for a brief moment the string sound switches to some sort of scratchy sound but still remains in tune.

It makes me feel like I’m on a mission or somthing. The bassline is nice and thick with a hint of a slide towards the end… Dope Shit!!!

Free Drake Type Beats

6. Savage – Prod. Hestex

Hestexdid a great job with this beat… You can’t go wrong with bells and trap beats. Hesex youtube channel looks pretty new at the time of writing this so go check out this producer and show some support.

If you like it you can get it for free and use it for your projects… Good job Bruh!

7. Scooter – Prod. Taz Taylor/Nick Mira

You can’t have a type beat list without Taz… There’s a lot of detail and things going on in the backround that you may miss if you’re not paying attention so you may have to repeat it…

Now I’m not sure if this was a collab but it’s a great track to rap to with a solid bassline. I like the panning industrial sound in the background as well.

8. More Smoke – Prod. Just Sickk

Whoa!! That sample in the beginning was nice… I gotta find that sample, it gave me some ideas… The reverse chord sound makes it original to me. I also like the fact that it has some sort of similar overlay sound that matches it…

9. Birds – Prod. Ty Rose

This is another one of those “make you think” type of beats. I love the lead melody with the faint piano sound that accents it. It also has a short punchy bass line which is a change from the common long sub basses that seem to be in every trap beat.

10. Grow Old – Prod. Young Taylor

I love this! The whole arrangement of the track is something that I would do as far as the chord progressions. One thing that caught me off guard was how the main voice sample switched an octive lower for a brief moment. I wish he would have done that more often in the beat. But all in all, It’s a solid beat with some cool piano sounds floating in the background.

That’s it yo! As I said, I’ll keep updating this with more beats as time goes on so when it’s all said and done, it will probably end up being a top 100 list…lol… Who Knows…

Thanks for checking out my top 10 Dake type beats. If you have some beats you would like for me to add to the list, post a comment below.